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Objectives & Marketing

When developing a website there are certain objectives that you should consider to ensure a return from your investment. One of the key benefits of the Internet is its ability to reduce business costs, from printing to advertising to contacting your customers.

Customer Mailing Lists
Your website is a great cost effective marketing medium. One of the most effective marketing methods is to create an e-mail mailing list so that you can contact your customers regularly at low cost. By encouraging customers to register for on-line newsletters you can build up a mailing list of customers who are keen to receive more information about your café. Your newsletters to these customers can include details about new products, specials and events etc and it will encourage your customers to visit your café.

This is a great way to build up a strong regular customer base and by making regular contact with clients you will build up long term loyalty.

The cost of an e-mail is as low as ½ cent per mail making this form of advertising extremely low cost, advertising is essentially free. More importantly you are targeting clients who have requested this information and are therefore more likely to participate in each campaign.

You may wish to make specials available only to clients who print your e-mail as an on-line voucher and bring it into the Café.  Each campaign may encourage clients to visit your café in different ways.

Functions & Events
Your website can be an effective tool in opening up your business to Functions Events and Catering. Allocate a page to functions and encourage people to inquire with a link to your e-mail address. Inform clients of the service in your e-mail campaign.

SiteSuite Newsletter Manager
When your client database starts to grow in size, you may find that controlling e-mail promotional campaigns becomes time consuming.

One of SiteSuite's most popular tools is the Newsletter Manager. This enables you to manage your customer e-mail list and create and send effective graphic e-mails about your business. Visitors to your website can subscribe on-line and you can create a newsletter in minutes using the same simple to use editing tools that control your website.

If you require Newsletter Manager or would like more information please call:

Paul Davenport or Graeme Cran on 02 9213 0500

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Special offer for the Newsletter Manager: 

$795 + GST

Annual Rental/Hosting:
$240 + GST
($20 per month payable annual in advance)   

Special Offer for all purchases made before Friday 3rd November